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Welcome to Gemini Consultancy

Gemini Consultancy is a highly innovative and knowledge-based consultancy firm that provides the best-in-class Data Privacy, Tech Compliance and IT Contracting services to technology companies, with the capability to cater both to large enterprises, SME’s and to start-ups and scale-ups technology companies.

Corporate training

At Gemini Consultancy, we offer comprehensive training services under one roof, including corporate training. We offer our clients convenient training solutions to enhance the skills and knowledge of their staff. Our corporate training covers a large spectrum of IT domains, including cybersecurity, data protection, data privacy, general IT contracting, intellectual property protection, confidentiality etc.

Our efficient services are ideal for e-commerce/IT/Tech companies and businesses that use cloud services to operate their services. With our efficient and need-based training process, you can rest assured that your employees would spend the least possible time to learn key aspects needed to maintain a proper compliance program and culture.Most of all, proper and effective training will benefit your business in the long term.

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About us

Gemini Consultancy is a professional data privacy and legal techconsultancy services provider that offers modern and reliable services. Ourconsultancy is comprised of comprehensive services to meet the ongoing requirements. Moreover, we ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our services. We bring with us over 15 years of professional data privacy, IT and legal techconsultancy experience,allowing our clients to rest assured that their ITprocurement and data privacy compliance program is in the right direction.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

When it comes to setting up a new data privacy function reviewing existing data protection policies and procedures, our outsourced DPO services offer a cost-effective solution. A Data Protection Officer reviews, implements and monitors all the contracts, policies, and procedures taken by the business to ensure all customer data is protected and secured against internal as well as external abuse (data breaches)

Moreover, an outsourced DPO offers a convenient and cost-effective solution to businesses, as they only need to pay for services as you go with a flexible rate, rather than hiring an employee. Our Outsourced DPO services allow our clients to save time and money while acquiring professionalised services. Our DPO also undertakes training and guiding clients on various data protection protocols to ensure best practices. 

Our Director

George JanssenOwner & Consultant
George Janssen is an experienced and skilled tech lawyer and data privacy specialist, more recently venturing into fintech start-ups and scale-ups in the MENA region.

Data Privacy Consultancy Services

With ongoing data privacy concerns around the world as well as the updated privacy policies, it becomes difficult to adhere to all the terms without professional help. Gemini Consultancy specialises in data privacy policies and can help businesses to formulate effective policies that are compliant with all regions they operate for business. 

Our data privacy consultancy allows our clients to understand the challenges that could arise depending on their region of operations and ensure that their website and services are compliant with various rules. Our Data privacy consultation helps our clients lower the risks of privacy lawsuits and constraints. 

Contracting and IT Legal Support

Our dedicated and professional teams offer unparalleled contracting and IT legal support experience to businesses, ensuring legal compliance, protection against liability and other legal risks, proper legal representations, and more. Our IT legal support is essential for any modern business that operate within the IT and Tech industry and seeks to protect its interest.